Parallel Curricula: A Supplemental Approach | P-CaSA: 

•    Racial Diversity Recognition Storyline Activity. Connect kids with themselves or others by writing, drawing, or presenting short essay stories about kids of other ethnic groups focusing on what they like, and find fascinating. Kids will be given the chance to evaluate each other's work.
•    Integrate curricula to include books, supplementary instructional materials, and pedagogical approaches that portray the minority experience with depth and dignity.

•    Provide the work of minority experts, varied professional fields, outside stereotypes to supplement and serve as introductions to established curricular. (Example Black scientists and other persons of color in various fields).

Institutional Engagement.

•    P-CoC Inc will work alongside schools and the community to provide racial diversity support and input to their activities.   Suggestions that will facilitate these collaborative efforts include implementing a racial diversity officer (volunteer, part-time, full-time personal) or committee consisting of community volunteers of a racially diverse background

•    Work with educators to provide professional development seminars and connect to experts in fields that may enhance the classroom's teaching experience. 
•    Work with Authors partner with publishers, and educators, to promote a broader spectrum in the representation of persons-of-color via images and textbook development for courses and literature.


•    Introduce activities in the community, such as cultural expression showcases, to increase the awareness of the varied racial identities. 

•    Have candid conversation series geared towards norms embedded into harmful stereotypes.


•    Serve as an in-house resource and support for persons of color on race-related concerns. Our social engagement approach on these issues is first to avoid taking sides and be solution-oriented. 
•    Provide community workshops to address the status quo that permeates conformity to racial identity expressions and the unlearning of social norms that perpetuate hate, including self-hate. 


•    Invite the public to participate in our professional development events dedicated to cultural awareness, including the black diaspora before slavery and colonization.

•    Speaker Series with Q&A essay challenge for kids about black people's history pre-slavery and colonization